5 Documentaries/Movies About Fingerboard

United Fingerboarding - A 2Fingarabatt Movie

United Fingerboarding, is a full lengh fingerskateboarding video with focus on fingerskateboarding and skateboarding. The video contains impressions of the recent fingerboarding scene filmed over a decade of 4 years. Originally the video should be released 2011 but after a lost of project video data, the whole thing was rearranged and edited in 720p. Thanks a lot to fabian schreiter and gene senges for their efforts to create crazy pro fingerboard parts. Thanks also to andre from lowpro decks for the videofootage, aswell big thank you to damien for the closeup commercials. The video is dedicated to fingaspeak distribution for supporting the austrian fingerboarding scene and creating a part of fingerboarding history. Thanks to everybody who is involved in this project, all musicians for their sound.... Hope you enjoi the video.... Flo Kitzmüller


Bom Velho

"Bom Velho" is the location of Loz´s family house on the outskirts of Coimbra, Portugal. It has been, since the beginning of our national scene, home of some of the crews best moments. Thank you Loz for the coolest of vibes since day one. This video is for you.
(footage from 2008 and 2012 - edited from 2012 to 2014 - props to João Castela, Gonçalo Rodrigues, André Raimundo, Miguel Tavares and of course Bruno Ambrósio, for all the footage provided.)


The Story Behind Flatface Fingerboards

"Flatface" is a personal project made in collaboration with Mike Schneider, professional fingerboarder and owner of Flatface. As a sucker for euphoria, I was fascinated when I stumbled upon Mike's YouTube channel a couple months ago (MikeSchneider). I had no clue fingerboarding still existed, and here is this 23-year-old guy who not only has a successful fingerboarding business, but is (I'd argue) the best fingerboarder in the world. Upon entering Mike’s world, the fingerboards, skateboards, ramps, fresh air and laid back atmosphere transported me back to the timeless days of my youth. This film is the result of Mike kindly showing a couple friends and I around his hometown over a beautiful May weekend. The goal was simply to fuse fun, fingerboarding, skateboarding, and filming for a three to five minute short film about Mike’s company, Flatface. The first four goals were achieved, however the whole time thing ceased to exist from the moment I entered Mike's Flatface dimension, resulting in a film that is a collection of curiosity, observations, and new experiences.



In approximately 1 year and 3 months, the project was born at the hands of Wow fingerboard. Leaving the traditional and seeking a new goal, we show the real meaning and the true soul of the fingerboard, both abroad and in Brazil. Motive, the Cause, because we are always making happen with the objective of fun, socialization, exchange of experience and others among practitioners and supporters.
MOTIVE FINGERBOARD MOVIE - The real, made by TRUE Brazilians.


Fingerboarding In Real Life

A documentary style video. This was my trip to Mike's house in July of 2013. I wanted people to understand how fingerboarding is much more than sitting at your desk and doing kickflips by yourself. Fingerboarding is friends, adventures, and so much more. Thanks to David from Airflo Rails http://www.airflorails.com/ for taking the initiative to start an awesome fingerboard tour and thanks Mike for all the hospitality.

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