Catfish Fingerboard Decks [REVIEW]

Catfishbbq is a brand of deck based in Southern California. High handmade quality production made by Vladimir Ivanenko himself. It exists 2 molds : Saltwater and Freshwater.
Saltwater mold is great for stylish tricks, with a mellow shape. Freshwater mold is for a maximum control, it contains a medium shape !
As you could see it, the graphics are just amazing, not others company has the same level of imagination for me. And of course it’s real wear !

The sizes of the decks are 97.25mm x 32.5mm for the Saltwater mold and 97.25mm x 33mm for the Freshwater mold.
He delivers worldwide and the price is about 40 without shipping.
Catfishbbq is for me the best fingerboard brand I ever tried ! Epic logo, epic shapes, epic ware, huge craftmanship and of course the guy who made the brand is very lovable.

Review by Lionel Serquert

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