5 Brands of Trucks You Should Konw About

We all know that in the fingerboard industry we have an immense variety of boards and wheels. However, it is difficult to find truck brands, the most famous are BlackriverTrucks from Germany or the Ytrucks from Portugal. (Portugal fuck yeah!)
Some brands of trucks have been growing and trying to occupy their place in the market. We are going to show you these brands here with the purpose of making known more truck brands with good quality

Dynamic Trucks
Features include: 32mm width, single axle, lock nuts, screw kingpin, and a precision baseplate for easy mounting. Dynamic professional fingerboard trucks feature a sleek design combine with top notch performance. Assembled and designed in the USA.
Each set includes: 2 hangers, 2 standard baseplates, 8 mounting screws, 4 lock nuts, 2 kingpins, 2 pivot cups, and 1 o-rings bushing set pre-assembled.

Price: 39$ - 44$

2KR Trucks
New generation of 32mm 2KR trucks, Single stainless steel axle, LOCK-NUT system included
Lock-nuts contain nylon ring, which prevents nuts to get loose.

Price: 33.90€ - 42.90€

Undead Trucks 

TOP Trucks / RBZ

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