New Joycult “Classic” and “XL” in White

SHREDDERS😌 Hope everyone got to spend some quality time with your family and friends today🙏🏻 I will cut straight to the chase because tomorrow is a landmark in the Joycult timeline and we are just busy mopping the floors, cleaning the windows and preparing the shop for you to see once and for all what the &*%^ we have been up to for the past 5 months! I know this will end up turning into a novel, but I will try to keep this as brief as I can so we can get back to work! Here are the new Joycult “Classic” and “XL” in White; the traditional skateboard wheel colour... True Story: When the formula was initially developed, I literally took my favourite skateboard wheel to the chemist and said “I want to have this feeling, but under my fingers” He examined it, and weeks later came out with some samples for me to try. This process repeated itself three times to get to where it is now. F3. It has an uncanny feeling to its counterpart, the OG toy we all know and love; the skateboard. And I am beyond stoked not only to finally show everyone the reincarnation, but reading everyones love has been seriously, seriously overwhelming. I think you know that its all for you. Joycult is here for fingerboarding, and we are in it for the long haul. Stay tuned to our stories for all the BOXING DAY Previews, Specials, and all the info you will need to know for the debut of these two beauties TOMORROW! Much MUCH love. All of it. For always 😌♥️🙏🏻#joycult #fingerboarding

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