Ema Ramps - Flat Rail REVIEW

This time we have a fantastic rail named "Flat Rail" from Pennsylvania, USA by EMA Ramps. EMA Ramps is a company that build skateboard and fingerboard obstacles. "The owner started skating back in the early 1980's at the age of 10 he became sponsored as a skateboarder. Back then there weren't many companies building ramps that you set up in your driveway. So with his brother and friends they built obstacles and set them up in the streets of Pennsylvania. The reason we build and sell these products is simple we love the sport!"
Thank you man for sending the package!

Speaking about the rail, it's pretty well built and painted and the slide from the truck looks very smooth. One detail of the rail, is that it is low which makes it much easier to perform maneuvers.
Dimensio 11'' long and 1 1/2 high.
The package comes with 4 "mini tapes" do glue under the rail and few stickers.

EMA ramps have a wide collection of rails that can be viewed on their official website here.

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